Natural Ways to De-Stress

These are a few of the healthy habits I’ve implemented over the past few years, when it comes to stress.

Eat your meal without your phone in your hand. Staying mindful and present while you eat allows you to practice gratitude and pay attention to the way that the food is fueling your body. You’ll also have a better gauge on your satiety.

Get out into nature. Exposure to greenery can have a powerful impact on your mood and happiness. I’ve found that if I get a chance to walk through a calm park when I’m stressed or anxious, my mental clarity and mood improve.

Turn your phone OFF at night. It sets this psychological switch off saying “ok, nobody can reach me now. This is my time to relax and restore my body”. Alarm clocks do still exist.

No blue light exposure at least an hour before bed. When we look our phones or at the TV before bed, the light is reaching the part of the brain that inhibits melatonin production, and it turns it off. Melatonin is the hormone we produce naturally that makes us sleepy. This way, you’re more likely to get quality sleep, leading to a refreshed, well rested feeling in the morning.

Try meditation. This is still relatively new to me. I started using “Headspace”, which is an awesome guided meditation app. I feel more grounded and calm after I finish just a 10 minute meditation.

Set at least 10-15 minutes per day that is “me time”. For me, it’s my skincare routine at night. I lock myself in the bathroom for a good 20 minutes. I spend my time dry brushing and applying lotions and potions. I do as much as I can to increase blood flow, as I have a condition called POTS, and I really feel the difference. Dry brushing and giving myself a facial massage are key. Both are wonderful at assisting your body’s natural lymphatic drainage.

Sweat it out. Find a way to sweat that you’re passionate about. For me, it’s been barre classes recently. Try different forms of exercise and of course, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. I used to engage in a lot more high intensity workouts, even when my body would tell me not to. I’ve found that my body seems to thrive off of the no-impact movements in barre.



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