My First Facial Ever – Rescue Spa

I’d been wanting a facial for years, but wanted to wait until I found a spa that I believed in, that would truly help me heal my skin. Some friends told me about Rescue Spa. They have two locations – Philly and New York. The owner of both, Danuta Mieloch, has streamlined the entire experience. I enjoy watching her routine videos on Youtube. Skincare is a ritual for her, as it is for me. Getting home from work to take my makeup off and follow with my skincare routine has always been one of the highlights of my day.

I went for my facial on February 11th, which was a week ago. My life is changed. I stepped off the elevator, and I felt like I was dreaming already. The front desk girls took my coat, gave me a glass of orange & cucumber infused water, and showed me around. The bathroom/locker room is beautiful. There’s a stream room, sauna, and a few private powder rooms. Everything is so calming and luxurious.

Christina, my esthetician, came to get me from the waiting area exactly at my appointment time. Her skin was GLOWING. She’s so beautiful and sweet. She took me to the facial room and left while I got undressed (I took off my bra and top), and wrapped the little robe around me. I laid down on the heated table – I need one of these in my apartment.

Christina came back in soon. She asked me some questions about my skin as we went along. I told her I wanted to know everything she was doing. If there is one thing I LIVE to discuss, it’s skin. She also answered some of my questions about becoming an esthetician myself. I had the Classic Facial, which will run you $120 at the Philadelphia location.

I was sad when the facial was over. I never wanted to leave. My skin felt nourished and balanced. It was a little red from the extractions, which is totally normal.

At the end, I met Christina at the front desk to check out. She talked me through the products that she recommends. I bought three of them, after some contemplation. I’ve been using them everyday for a week now and the difference in my skin is incredible. I’ll be doing a full post on the products after trying them for a few months.

I plan on going back to Rescue Spa every two months or so. It was even better than I could have imagined. Thanks again to Christina – She was SO helpful and kind. We had a great conversation and I could have talked to her for hours. The next day, I woke up with smooth, glowing skin. My makeup applied more flawlessly than ever.



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