My Anti-Aging A.M. Skincare Routine

If you know me, you know skincare is one of my FAVORITE topics. For as long as I can remember, my life has had a huge focus on skin. Acne was the culprit in sucking the life out of me for the majority of my teenage years. I had awful, cystic acne. I’ll be posting my acne story sometime in the near future.

Anyway, today I want to get into my skincare routine with you guys. I’ve found what works well for me and am trying my best to stick to it! I love to try out new products, which sometimes doesn’t end up so well.

I’ve found that my skin is pretty balanced when I wake up. Just like household cleaning products or a pool, your skin has a pH level. I try not to mess with it too much, so I use a teeny tiny amount of my Purity Made Simple Cleanser by Philosophy. Sometimes I use my Clarisonic with the cleanser, but not always, since I use it at night too.

However, about 3 times per week, I will exfoliate in the morning. I use either the Ole Henriksen Pore-Balance Facial Sauna Scrub (a chemical exfoliant) or the Acure Brilliantly Brightening Facial Scrub (a physical exfoliant).

After I get out of the shower, I pat my face dry. Pat. Never Rub. Then, I apply a Vitamin C Serum ($20 on Amazon) to my entire face and neck. Vitamin C is an ideal ingredient for anyone, as it is the only ingredient that stimulates collagen production AS WELL as being an antioxidant. Collagen is important because it keeps the skin firm and supple.

My Vitamin C Serum also contains Hyaluronic Acid, which is equally as important. Hyaluronic Acid is unique because it hydrates internally. First, it penetrates the skin. It then draws water to the skins surface and holds it there. It’s a great way to plump the skin without greasiness. I’ll let that sink in for about a minute before moving on to the next step.

By the way, I try to keep my beauty products as clean as possible – free of sulfates, fragrance, etc. I try to use products in which most of the ingredients are recognizable to me. For example, the Vitamin C Serum is a plant based formulation.

A few times a week, I’ll treat myself to Andalou Naturals’ Instant Brighten & Tighten Hydro Serum Face Mask. This is one of the only products that brightens my skin in just 20 minutes. I’ll use this if I know I have a special event that day, or just if I won’t be wearing makeup!  My skin is more plump almost instantly and it really makes me glow.

Next, I apply my moisturizer. Lately, I’ve just been using Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. It’s fragrance free, which is crucial for my sensitive, acne prone skin. However, I am definitely on the lookout for a cleaner option. I’ve tried a few alternatives, but they’ve left my skin feeling tight and irritated.

Of course, my last step is SPF. I’ve been using ELTAMD’s UV-Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46. People will tell you that the SPF in your foundation is adequate sun protection. Those people are full of shit. I also reapply my Kate Somerville’s UncompliKated SPF Makeup Setting Spray throughout the day, since SPF becomes inactive after just a few hours.

I hope you found this informative, and I’d love to know what your skincare favorites are in the comments below.


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