My Acne Story

One of my greatest struggles has been acne. This is not an easy photo for me to share, but I just hope that this helps somebody. I changed everything. My thoughts, my food, and my beauty products.

Cystic acne took over my face and back by the time I was 13.  It persisted for almost ten years. I’ve been on countless medications – from topical gels and creams, to doxycycline to Accutane. Twice. The first time, I was just 13 and had to be put on birth control, because the medication is so strong that if a patient becomes pregnant, there are extreme birth defects.

Make-up became my safe haven. I’d spend 30 minutes to an hour just getting ready for high school. My skin was always so dried out from me desperately piling on acne products. Sometimes I’d apply my whole face of makeup and it looked so flaky and patchy, with mountains of acne underneath, that I’d just fucking lose it. Scrub all of the shit off of my face, along with the dead skin and reapply the makeup.

My acne followed me through college and just about up until I met my husband. It’s hard being so close to somebody while being fearful of them seeing whats underneath the makeup. I had never let a guy, let alone anybody who wasn’t family, see me without makeup. I couldn’t. I wouldn’t.

My acne was hormonal, and its been proven that the hormones in our dairy products can cause or worsen acne. About a year ago, I stopped eating meat and dairy entirely. I also started taking Spironolactone, which cleared my skin within about two months. I was on a normal dosage, but it aggravated some of my other health problems. It also was something I’d have to be on long-term, which wasn’t something that I wanted.

I’ve since tapered off of the medication and maintain relatively clear skin with a much gentler skincare routine. None of my skincare products are specifically for acne, and I find it to be much more effective. I’ll be sharing specifics about what products I use very soon.

I eat a primarily plant based diet, and find that my acne and fibromyalgia are both less inflamed this way. If any of you are struggling with acne, just know one day you will find healing and that you can reach out to me any time.



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