Monday Make-up Madness: Foundation Conservation

Most are aware of just how expensive foundation can be. Whether you’re wearing Loreal or La Prairie, you want to get the most out of every bottle. What many are incognizant of is the idea that the cosmetic industry is becoming very crafty within their packaging design departments. A large majority of cosmetic companies intentionally package their make-up so that consumers are unable to get all of the product out. Cosmetic companies have complete control over how much of the product the consumer is able to actually use.

Think about it, their primary objective is to have you repurchase the product. Furthermore, if consumers are repurchasing the products at a higher frequency, more money for them. This doesn’t apply to just foundation, They’re able to do this with nearly any product, including skincare. Below is an example of just how much usable foundation remains in my Clinique foundations, after I thought I had squeezed it all out. I simply cut the bottles in half, and scoop out the product. By doing this with four “empty” bottles, I have about 3 weeks worth of product left! Next time you think you’ve emptied one of your favorite products, consider taking apart the packaging. You may be surprised at what you find.


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  1. I started doing this for both cosmetics and hair products a few years ago… Smashbox products seem to be the worst – I can get almost a full month of extra use from their BB cream and foundation primer when I scoop out the extra product!!

    Murad, by the way, seems to have the best packaging to maximize usage. I think that the inside of their bottles are coated with something “slick” that helps the product from sticking to the walls. When I get to the end of a cleanser or moisturizer, there is truly nothing left.

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