Life Update: October ’21

Hi! It’s been a while – a year and a half since my last post to be exact. I’ve missed blogging. A lot has changed! Since last year, I had moved to Colorado, and later moved to Nashville. I’ve really enjoyed my time in Nashville. It’s a fun town but I’m not much of a party girl.

I’m currently working full time for MIRROR (they’re owned by lululemon). I’m really enjoying it so far. I’m also finishing my bachelor’s in business – 11 classes to go. Thank god I’m almost done, school has never been my “thing”. Anyway, I thought I’d give a little life update before I get back to posting regularly. I’ve always been a little all-over-the-place, but I want to start posting more fashion (mainly Aritzia and lululemon favorites, how basic can I be?) and skincare content. I’ve always wanted to post on YouTube, but it’s a lot of work. I can’t see editing being my thing. But if you know me – I love to talk!

If I hadn’t mentioned this before, I’m actually a licensed esthetician now! I have been for almost two years. I’d say I went to esthetician school somewhat selfishly, because of my own struggle with acne. The struggle is still going on (eye roll). I just finished my THIRD course of Isotretinoin (Accutane).

I’m single, living in Nashville right now, planning to move back to Colorado. A big goal of mine for the next year is to pay off my student loan debt and be 100% debt free, including my car. Debt just weighs me down, or I guess it allow it to make me feel that way.

Also about two years ago, I found Monkey (my Shiba Inu) in the middle of a busy Pennsylvania road. He quickly become the light and center of my life. You can see why below.



I missed interacting with you guys. I see that some of you still visit my blog every month, which is shocking, even to me. Thank you for that (:



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