I Stopped Scrolling on Instagram

Three years ago, I stopped watching Keeping up with the Kardashians and gave up on Snapchat. And guess what? I lived. So, I figured giving up my daily scrolls on Instagram would be good for me too. I used to wake up and see who bought a new Saint Laurent bag, who popped out a baby and who’s in Italy with their “perfect” boyfriend.

Since then, MY morning is mine again. Before, I was giving away my energy to all of those people and their posts. Toxic. I’ve gotten into a beautiful morning routine, that includes meditation, drinking my weight in water and stretching. It set’s my entire day up for success and I’m much happier this way. I did this while I was in Hawaii in December too, but I didn’t stick with it once I get back to Philly and back to my normal routine. This time, I’ve quit for good.

I got this idea from Lauryn Evarts Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential. I met her a couple days ago and have heard her talk about this on multiple occasions. She goes into how for the first few years of her business, she would wake up and look at Instagram first thing. It   wasn’t serving her to scroll through other people’s shit anymore, so she gave it up. Hearing her talk about it was the kick in the ass I needed to realize what a time sucker it really is.

It’s not to say that I don’t go on social media anymore, because clearly as a blogger, it’s part of the gig. I still go on Instagram, but I’m intentional about it. Some accounts offer a lot of value, or are entertaining. I search for those, and look at what I want to, and then continue to go about my day. I’ve been trying this (on and off) for at least a year, but Instagram can be addicting and toxic. I’m glad to be done with that.

I think that this is something that would make anyone happier and more efficient. Give it a try!



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