How to Combat Bloating

I’ve struggled with bloating since I was about 13. I feel like I’ve tried next to everything, and here are some of the things that have helped.

Consuming more warm foods has helped me a lot. For example, warming some veggies up in a pan and serving them with brown rice, rather than eating a salad. Raw vegetables are one of the hardest foods for the body to digest because they’re so high in fiber. I’ve also tried to implement the Low FODMAP theory into my eating habits.

Decreasing the amount of stress my life helped as well. I was surprised to find how much of a correlation that stress and digestion have.

I stopped drinking water within 20 minutes of a meal because digestion starts in the mouth. An enzyme called amylase begins the process of chemical digestion in the mouth. If you drink a lot of water too close to mealtime, the water will dilute the amylase, causing the natural digestion process in the mouth to be hindered.

Eating slowly has also been a huge help. This gives amylase adequate time to properly begin the digestive process.

Probiotics can also be a great assistant to digestion. I take Ortho Biotic Capsules. They were recommended to me by my integrative medicine doctor, however they’re available for purchase online.

I wish you all the best of luck!


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