DIY Ombre Nails


Hi Everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. Ombre nails are one of my favorite looks for the spring and summer, and they’re pretty to simple to do. I receive so many compliments when I do my nails this way, so I thought I’d share this DIY with all of you!

Here’s what you’ll need:

– 3 Nail Polishes of the same consistency and color family

– Base Coat and Top Coat

– An eyeshadow application sponge

– Nail Polish Remover

– Q-tips

– A piece of Paper


1. Start by applying your favorite base coat, and paint your nails as usual with the lightest color. Allow them to dry.

2. Paint the three nail polish colors in a row from darkest to lightest on a piece of paper, as pictured below.


3. Next, dab your eyeshadow sponge into the polish. Then, simply dab the sponge along the tips of your nails! You’ll be needing to paint on the paper, transfer to the sponge, and dab onto your nails multiple times, but it’s pretty quick! Don’t worry about getting a bit of polish on your skin, that’s what the q-tips and nail polish remover are for.


4. Allow the nails to dry for a bit, finish with your favorite top coat and voilá! Beautiful Ombre Nails.


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