5 Wellness Tools You Need

Tongue Scraper

I got a stainless steel one off of Amazon, and I’ve been loving it. It’s one of the first things I do in the morning, even before I drink any water. There are many benefits to tongue scraping, which you can read about here.


Taking a high quality probiotic supplement is a great move for your gut and health. It’ll aid your body’s natural intestinal functions. Probiotics are basically tiny little “good bacteria” that help us to digest food and more.

Kate Somerville SPF spray

This stuff is a GAME CHANGER. I keep mine in my purse at all times and spray my face and chest every two hours or so. Even if you apply a moisturizer with SPF under your makeup everyday, that SPF is already inactive by about 12PM. Reapply. Reapply. Reapply. P.S. I tried the Supergoop SPF Spray and it wouldn’t spray at all. So I exchanged it, and the same thing happened. It spritzes out very unevenly and ruined my makeup.

Dry Brush

These can be found at the drugstore, online or in beauty stores. Simply brush your skin in upward motions toward your heart. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. You may want to use light pressure to start out, and use more pressure as you get more comfortable with it. The bristles should be quite stiff and will likely cause your skin to tingle. You can read more on dry brushing here.

Essential Oil Diffuser

I’m not the expert on essential oils, but I do know that they make me feel good! I like to use lavender oil or eucalyptus oil at night and enjoy the aroma of orange oil to kickstart my day.

I’d love to know what some of your wellness favorites have been lately. Leave a few of yours in the comments below!


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