5 Things To Do When Beginning a New Semester

I’ll be returning to the Fashion Institute of Technology this fall, so I thought I’d share a few things that I’ve learned in my previous semesters! I hope that you find this post helpful. As always, feel free to leave questions or comments in the comment section below this post, or shoot me an email at contact@carolinerenae.com!

  1. Decide how you plan on taking notes in each class. Some professors will allow you to take notes on your laptop; others see it as a distraction. If you do decide to take your notes on your laptop or tablet, be sure to back them up! Saving your notes in Google Docs as well as saving them to your computer is always a good idea.
  2. Read the syllabus for each class thoroughly. I had a professor who handed us the syllabus and told us to read it on our own time. I found that she had a list of future exam questions on the syllabus. She also had some “pop quiz” dates listed. Of course, there were a number of students who neglected to review the syllabus, and I’m sure it reflected in their grades.
  3. Create a monthly calendar and write all of your assignment due dates on it. Your professors will typically have all major due dates listed on the syllabus. I found it most helpful to put a physical calendar on my wall so that I could see how long I have to complete assignments such as term papers. Of course I had all of the dates in my planner as well, but having it on the wall was more of a constant reminder. Professors will not always remind you of due dates.
  4. Learn to dress semi-professionally. Sure, it’s fine to wear jeans to class. But, ensure that you’re presenting yourself in a professional manner.  It shows respect toward your professor; it shows that you care. This seems to be exceptionally important at my school, since it is fashion school after all.
  5. Take note of each professor’s grading scheme. They’ll let you know what percentage of your grade is based on test scores, quizzes, attendance and participation. I’ve had classes in which active participation was just as crucial to my grade as the exams were.

Always remember how fortunate you are to be attending college. Work hard and don’t take wonderful opportunities like this for granted.

Best of luck to you!


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