10 Beauty Hacks that Every girl should know


1. If your mascara seems to have dried out too quickly or is a bit clumpy, add a tiny amount of saline solution into the tube. Close the tube, shake it, and the consistency should be perfect!

2. Did you forget to use base coat? Yellow-stained fingernails are the worst. Gently scrub the stain away with a toothbrush and a whitening toothpaste.

3. For faster drying nails, carefully dip your nails into cold water for a few minutes after painting them. They’ll be dry before you know it!

4. Dry flakey lips are a problem, especially during the colder months. Mix some honey and pinch of sugar for an instant lip scrub.IMG_7455

5. If your bobby pins seem to slide right out of your hair, spray the pins with hairspray before putting them in your hair.

6. Static hair is no fun. Lightly run a dryer sheet down your hair shaft to tame the frizz!

7. Does that ring set you just picked up from Forever 21 turn your fingers green? Yuck. There are a multitude of metals in inexpensive jewelry that oxide/react with your skin. Typically, it is copper. Paint cheap fashion jewelry with clear nail polish, this will create an invisible coating. No more green fingers!IMG_2025

8. To help your perfume last all day, apply a small amount of vaseline to the area and then spray the perfume on top. The scent adheres to the vaseline, and stays all day!

9. Nail polish can be harder to open than a jar of pickles! Wrap a rubber brand around the cap. It will give you a better grip.

10. SMILEIMG_9053

  1. Great tips Thank you!!!! Also my granny taught me this one about nail polish that is hard to open. Hold the nail polish bottle under running hot water from the sink and then try again it will open. I use this trick for all jars that I can’t open as well.

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