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If you haven’t heard already, Mode Media, which was said to be the 10th largest digital publisher in the United States, shut down yesterday, September 15th, 2016. They offered absolutely no notice regarding their financial struggles or bankruptcy. Not even for their own employees.

Mode was home to over 12,000 creators, me being one of them. Over the past six months or so, Mode was delaying payments left and right. I began to get suspicious, but there was little that I could do. I would be in contact with one of the financial managers on a daily basis until I got what I deserved.

Mode still owes hundreds, if not thousands of us influencers thousands of dollars. Many of us depend on this income to pay for everything that a normal 9-5 employee pays for. This makes me sick to my stomach. There are big risks as well as big rewards in this blogging world.

I’m disgusted by the way that Mode Media has handled this. I feel for their not only my fellow bloggers, but also their employees who stayed until the bitter end. This is tough on me, but I can’t imagine working at an agency for a number of years and then suddenly going home without a job and without answers.

I think that it’s time that brands and influencers begin to cut out the middle man and work directly with each other. Of course, I’m incredibly upset about all of this, but I look at it as a wake-up call to bloggers. We can’t let agencies such as Mode have such direct control over our income. I hope that this unfortunate circumstance can pave a better future for the blogging industry.

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